Fredagsfika kl 15 varje vecka! ☕️ Fika 3 pm every Friday!

:sweden: Kom med på digitalt fika med folk i Civic Tech Sweden-communityn varje fredag kl 15! Om du är ny är du särskilt välkommen! Vi börjar varje fika med en introduktionsrunda och sedan samtalar vi om någon fråga eller lyssnar på någon kort presentation. Du är välkommen att stanna bara en stund eller en hel timme eller mer!

Vi möts på Zoom med Mötes-ID 87834088118 och lösenord 424242.


:uk: Join our informal digital “fika” with people in the Civic Tech Sweden community every Friday at 3 pm! If you’re new or haven’t “fikat” before - you’re even more welcome! (“Fika” is an untranslatable Swedish noun and verb.) We’ll start every fika with a round of introductions and then we’ll have a question to discuss or listen to a lightning talk. You’re welcome to stay just a while, a full hour or more!

We meet on Zoom with Meeting ID 87834088118 and Passcode 424242

If someone in the group doesn’t speak Swedish, we’ll all talk in English!


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Hi everyone! I can’t join today because of a scheduling conflict with another meeting but will try to check in once in a while in the future. I lead one of the funded projects, called Plato Project - tools for participatory placemaking. I’m also the co-founder of Blivande and a co-director of Edgeryders.

One of the tools we are developing, called “Plato Ideas” is already available to alpha-test! It’s a tool that allows participants to suggest new creative projects, collaborate on ideas, seek funding and peer-review. We use it at Blivande to take in applications for our container-gallery, for example. If you think it could be useful for you, let me know and I will forward you details on how to sign up to create your own organization.

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Thanks Hugi! I also received messages from several others who weren’t able to join today, but thanks to those who came!

I just received an invitation to participate in a roundtable discussion on the theme “At the doorstep to a new golden digital age - how can Swedish civil society actively contribute to the development of society after the pandemic?” on 11/12, organized by NYSTA. I would love to talk about that question at the next Friday fika so I can bring your thoughts into that conversation the following week!

Have a nice weekend and advent!

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Tomorrow is the last Friday fika of the year! The suggested theme is to talk about our highlights of 2020, and what we hope that 2021 will bring!

We will take a break on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day but will be back on January 8th if you want! Even though I’m gonna be on holiday until January 11th, I’ll try to remember to check in on the 8th to see if anyone is joining.

If you really want to meet during the holidays also, feel free to use the same Zoom link as usual on the 25th December and 1st of January and notify others here or in the chat if you plan to join! :smile:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! :christmas_tree: :confetti_ball:
Hope to se you tomorrow!

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Happy New Year! Today at 3 pm we have our Fredagsfika again! I’m curious to hear your plans for the year and perhaps get some feedback on the proposed themes for Civic Tech Labs 2021. Hope to see you on Zoom!

Time for a Friday fika again! Last week, 7 people joined. One of the subjects we ended up talking about was how to keep the right balance between being idealistic in using open source tools, and being pragmatic in using commercial tools from the big tech giants.

As usual, the subject for our fika conversations is open for suggestions, but one thing we in the Civic Tech Sweden team would be glad to hear your thoughts on is what we should focus on in our work this year, when we plan our events and other activities.

You’re welcome to join the call on Zoom at 3 pm Friday with Meeting ID 87834088118 and Passcode 424242, or share your thoughts here in the forum!