Code for All's 2021 Summit is coming! What topics would you like to see?

The Code for All civic tech network has a yearly international summit. They’ve started jamming on goals and themes for the 2021 Summit, currently planned to be held online in the last week of September. They would love to hear what you think. :thinking:

Please answer their one-question survey on Typeform to tell Code for All which themes/topics you’d like to see at Summit this year! :white_check_mark:

I’m also curious on your answers so if you want, you can also answer the same question in the poll below, so we’ll get a Swedish perspective on interesting topics. :slight_smile: :sweden: So…

Which topics would you like the Code for All Summit to focus on this year?
Select your preferred 3 options. Answers are anonymous, but if you have additional ideas, you can put them in the comments and there you will not be anonymous in our version of the poll…

Code for All Summit Topics
  • A Democracy & Elections
  • B Privacy & Security
  • C Power Dynamics in Tech
  • D Pandemic & Post-Pandemic Civic Tech
  • E Environmental Civic Tech
  • F Open vs. Closed Tech in Government
  • G Fighting Authoritarianism with Tech
  • H Disinformation & Fake News
  • I Other

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As you might have seen we also have a poll on themes for our own Civic Tech Labs in 2021 that it would also be great if you could answer! Answering both will give us a view of what you’re interested in to hear more or tell the world about! :earth_asia:

An update from Code for All regarding the topics!

We’re working on the Code for All Summit Call for Proposals (CFP) and we have a small sneak peek for you! This year’s Summit will focus on

  • Open vs. Closed Tech in Government,
  • Democracy & Elections,
  • Disinformation & Fake News and
  • Power Dynamics in Tech.

This year, we’ll have different session formats to make it more dynamic! We’ll be sharing the CFP soon, get ready!