Log This Place: Find and log accessible places in your area ♿

About us
Handiscover together with the City of Malmö and Vinnova focuses on developing a solution to provide user-driven accessibility information for people with disabilities within the public space. That’s why we’ve created Log This Place.

About The Project

Accessibility is about giving people with disabilities access to society on the same terms as everyone else. People who have a disability should be able to take part in information, influence it and communicate with others in the community, the municipality’s politicians and officials.

In Log This Place you can influence how a accessible a specific place is to your specific needs. We believe that users should have the opportunity to be directly involved in the production of information linked to accessible places.

:information_source: Check our website https://www.logthisplace.com
:envelope_with_arrow: Contact us in info@logthisplace.com

Stay tuned to learn more about our project! :smiley: