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Useful information for all of us, but also good for the planet.

4.8. Repeat the last two steps for all images of coffee beans for which the process has not yet been done

Repeating any process for all coffee beans sounds good!

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The holders will need to be tumbled first, and he’s building one as we speak.


So this was a quote from the discussion:

In general, I think of art and creativity as an expression of oneself, an expression of our inner world, our ‘being’ in the world, our being ‘me’. Being authentic is by definition being different from others and thus coping with judgment, the others , the outer world goes along with it.

This is my assignment.

Great to see an actual picture of the batteries. I might get a few of these for my solar panel installation.

Cross-quoting is so cool!

Ett citat

Ett citat som är längre än 20 tecken

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SvenBCivic Tech Platform


dec '20

Coompanion samarbetar med Civid Tech Sweden. Hur? Genom den företagsrådgivning Coompanion gör och har. I första hand genom de 25 kontoren som en hittar på, eller genom de fem medarbetarna knutna till detta området, kontakta så får du rätt rådgivare.

Coompanion har i 30 år varit civilsamhällets företagsutvecklare genom stödja kooperativa och sociala företag att starta och växa. Med +100 anställda och 900 medlemsorganisationer så finns en bred kompetens. Coompanion är vana att finnas i gränslandet mellan offentligt, privat och ideella organisationslogiker och de samarbeten och affärer mellan sektorna. ö

Cross-quoting is cool but only works if you reply to the post that you are quoting from :smiley:

EDIT: not even then it seems :frowning:

What do you mean by cross-quoting? You mean quoting a quote? It works like this:

Hey @JoHam! Great, you can read more about it at:

We actually just had a journal paper published that describes the methodology we have been implementing for years for participatory planning and co-governance. The Plato Project has grown out of the tools described in this paper.

“Dreams” platform facilitated innovation and co-creation with the city planning: ideas were presented, prototyped, and co-created. Their financing was also decided upon within the platform. The city needs and responsibilities were managed on the “Realities” platform. All of these tasks were described, and operators and mentors were identified. The third digital platform was “Talk”; on which, matters were discussed in threads. Talk also included “the Advisory Process”, which was the means to contest current processes, principles, practices, and roles.

In this example, the platform called “Talk” is actually Loomio.

Realities looks like this:

And Dreams (now being renamed Ideas) looks like this:

I realize that I should probably make a post about Plato Project - will do that soon!

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I mean quoting here from another Discourse deployment (e.g. edgeryders).

I was under the impression that I’ll get a nice box with a preview of e.g. edgeryders and what I quoted, but didn’t happen :frowning:

Ah, so to get the box you just post the link!

So this:

Becomes this:

So as you see, you can’t actually quote a specific part from the post when quoting from other deployments - it just becomes a preview of the first part of that post.

But you can always complement that with adding the quote yourself, like this:

Here, I just referenced Matthias manually, by using the box quote syntax:

[quote="@matthias on"]

So when you put those together it’s pretty nice.


Thanks @hugi , that makes sense! I see that it works with any website too, but of course you have to play a bit to reproduce the quote as you want it (when you write the post). I.e. it doesn’t come for free, like when you copy it from another Discourse site.

Very cool overall! I hope your answer helps more people like me who try to bend their heads around it :smiley:


Great meeting you all during the lab!

Now @pernillan has done a summary of your links and insights and @Pierre is writing a blog about the lab (published soon).

I would love to hear your thoughts on what we should do next! What more labs would you like to see 2021? I’ve started a conversation here. @myms commented right away about a potential collab surrounding security, and also thoughts on “slow dialogue regarding ideology” (love it!) Any of you also interested in those topics or others in the list? Elaborate, build upon ideas and comment here: What labs would you like to see 2021?

@samuel @mach @flukestockholm @hugi @Sebastian_M @mattias @Jonas @oxuoi @giorgos @bobookijudith @myf @asa @karin.olsson @JoHam @jonathan @katarina @actionforsociety @JTDJosefin @Caroline @jarlix @SvenB @Daniel @myms @ingo @twowe @akbergkvist @Everland @Sofia @NuncSociety @Ragnarl @UlrikaD @Kriste11er and more!


Hey everyone, here is the blog post summing up the presentations of the amazing speakers that shared their experience during the lab!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback or want to follow up on something!


Yay! As a reminder of one of the cool functions in Discourse, I’m posting the blog link on it’s own line here below too, so we get a beautiful preview of it :wink:

Btw, we’re also considering creating a shorter version of the lab in Swedish in the evening so that more people can join. Do you think you have friends or colleagues that would like that? Please comment!