| Statistics for the covid-19 vaccination in Sweden 📈

Hey! This is my first post here, so please let me know if it’s off-topic.

What is this project?

A couple of weeks back I built a website that sources statistics from FOHM and shows how the vaccination effort against covid-19 is progressing in Sweden. The project is open-source and available here on GitHub. Data is retrieved from FOHM every day at 12.00 through a GitHub action and transforms the raw xlsx to JSON before re-deploying the site.

Why did I build this?

I built this because I wanted a clear place to see exactly what the status of the vaccination in Sweden looks like. I also wanted to build a project that brings a little bit more value to society than my rather pointless to-do and note-taking apps.

Why am I posting this here?

I am not entirely sure why I am posting it here. I think it’s partly because I want to show this to more people, but also, since I feel like a lot of people here might be interested in working on something like this, that, as I mentioned above, can bring some sort of value to society. If you’re interested in helping me out with for example:

  • Visualizing progress in every municipality on a map of Sweden

  • Making mathematical projections/predictions from the raw data

  • Improving the design of the website

Please feel free to hit me up on any forum, or just propose a change directly on GitHub.