TICTeC Show & Tell - Empowering communities using geospatial technology

Interested in hearing examples of how digital tools using place-based technology are empowering local communities, including in planning and policy decisions?

If so, join our friends at mySociety tomorrow for six short and energetic Show & Tells from Delib, Kathmandu Living Labs, OpenUp Ukraine, Tanzania Development Trust/Crowd2Map, g0v.tw and the Greater London Authority. Sign up here:

This is the third in series of TICTeC Show & Tells where speakers from across the world will each have 7 minutes to share their real and in-depth research and lessons learnt related to the use and impacts of civic technology. You can read about the other past events in this series over on the TICTeC website.

TICTeC stands for ‘The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference’, and since 2015 #mysociety has convened an international mix of researchers, practitioners, policymakers, philanthropists and tech giants to examine how civic technology is shaping society.

MySociety has now published some resources from the TICTeC event on geospatial data: