Sweden–India Mobility Hack 26–28 February 2021

Ending February with a hack!

"The Swedish Institute is hosting a 42-hour digital hackathon:
Sweden–India Mobility Hack – Changing the Way We Move

The mission of the hackathon is to design, test and execute ideas for the future – with a particular focus on mobility."

26–28 February 2021
Read more at https://hack.sweden.se/mobility-hack/

Ping @giorgos @Sharjeel and others interested in mobility :smiley:


Many thanks @mattiasjay! I’ll be there, sounds like fun! :blush:

Maybe it interests you too @mik_bergqvist?


Nice @giorgos! Do you have a team?

Not at the moment, but it’s the same with a lot of the mentors. I think the teams are still getting ready… :slight_smile:

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Hey! Thanks for letting me know this was def something that I want to take part in.

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@mattiasjay @giorgos
If someone wants to spark some ideas I’m up for a call. I’m specifically knowledgeable about noise pollution which I think there are some distributed hacks we can think of.

I specifically want to follow up on the noise research presented in this report https://gup.ub.gu.se/publication/265875

Any place where we can communicate through chat?

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For the record, let it be stated that we did catch up with @mik_bergqvist :slight_smile: , but being a mentor on the event took a toll at my schedule, and it didn’t help I was feeling under the weather too.

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience and I would recommend it to anyone, either as mentor or participant. I learned first and foremost that 48h go by really fast :slight_smile: so you better have a plan, get down to work asap, and tailor your scope to the skills of your team!

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Thanks for the insights @giorgos!
I had the weekend off after a full week. Did you attend as well @mik_bergqvist?

Any interesting results / projects? Was there a “winner”?

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I did not attend and have no intel to show unfortunately. Also interested to see, hear, know about ideas and winners.

There were 5 winners, one in each category:

  • Lethal accidents in traffic
  • Safe and sustainable transports
  • Air pollution / emissions from traffic sector
  • Infrastructure for connected vehicles
  • Sustainable logistics

The ceremony was today at 15:00 but couldn’t attend it, and it doesn’t seem they kept the stream :neutral_face:. I’m guessing they’ll announce the winners on the hackathon’s website soon.