Prototype Fund Switzerland Demo Day 2 March 2021

The Prototype Fund supports software developers, hackers, data journalists, creative and politically active people in realising their tech idea from the concept to the first demo. Currently there is one in Germany and one in Switzerland, but they are also looking to expand to other countries! We talked with their German director recently to start explore if we could be part of bringing it to Sweden. If you’re curious to hear more about that idea, contact me!

Tomorrow there is a chance to see examples of what type of projects they support when Prototype Fund Switzerland has its Demo Day!


5.30pm: Civic Tech Debate (Deutsch) - Inputs and interactive discussion with Daniel Graf (WeCollect, PublicBeta), Jörg De Bernardi (Bundeskanzlei), you and other friends of democracy
6.00pm Project pitches and Q&A (English)
7.00pm Project Demos in separate online rooms (Language depending on participants)
7.30pm End and informal exchange in online rooms

More info: