Project idea about improved lobbying opportunities for NGOs

(Jag skriver på engelska så jag slipper översätta och för att ev. involvera våra lettiska partners och andra internationella intressenter här i framtiden).

In Latvia, the NGO MyVoice - MyVoice – Manabalss organization website - is testing a new feature whereby CSOs and companies can receive notifications when there are relevant discussions in the Parliament, using a so-called “pro-social micro-targeting” technique. The aim is to involve more stakeholders into what goes on in the Parliament and into the decision-making process (e.g. in hearings). They would like automatise this notification system (finding AI solutions), for example to improve identification of topics that can be interesting for different organisations.

We are now looking for funding opportunities to be able to test this also in other countries. If you have any ideas about how this could be done in Sweden and where to apply for funding, please get in touch with me at



Hi @AlinaO
You may want to look not only at the Parliament level but most importantly at the Public Tender level.

It seems that CSOs have gotten stuck into only participating in policy process when the zero draft is ready. This may have been sufficient in the past, when it comes to technology the entry point is the public tender that agencies/ministries issue for the initial technical consultation.


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