Hur skulle det gå om Sverige antog Open Data Charter?

In the past few years, we’ve been many people and organisations (especially in Civic Tech Sweden) to advocate for Sweden to become “open by default”, and specifically pushing for the government to adopt the principles of the Open Data Charter.

I’m creating this thread to discuss, on a theoretical level, how that adoption could look like.

  • What would it change in the way Sweden works with openness (open data, open source, freedom of information) today?
  • What changes would be required in its legislation? In the way government agencies’ missions are shaped?
  • Would an adoption by the national government impact regions and municipalities?

And maybe some questions on the best way to do it:

  • Which gov agencies would be best to implement and assist?
  • What other countries could Sweden get inspiration from? (it would be the first Nordic country to adopt it if it did? Are there any counter examples?
  • What areas should be prioritised?

My spontaneous feeling is that Sweden would need to update its legislation to be able to move from reactive openness (offentlighetsprincipen) to a certain degree of proactive openness (where public actors are required to publish if there is no obstacle to it). That’s how my home country France did it.

But if only national government adopts ODC and the openness is limited to their perimeter, they could choose to solve it with mission letters (regeringsuppdrag) to all government agencies. My understanding is that’s what Canada did, and maybe the UK.

On ODC’s website you can find a page with advice and a more developed document.