Free Software and our Fundamental Rights - Meetup with Gabriel Ku Wei Bin from FSFE, Gothenburg 22nd June

Gabriel Ku Wei Bin, FSFE Senior Project Manager (Legal), will give a talk on “Free Software and our Fundamental Rights” in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gabriel will speak on how Free Software works as an important framework that supports our human rights in our digital world.

Read more about the work of Free Software Foundation Europe here FSFE - Free Software Foundation Europe

The talk will be held at a meetup hosted by Digidem Lab (, an organization that offers services and develops platforms to improve participatory democracy. It will be given in English and is open to everyone to attend. The event is free of charge, with no registration required.

Wednesday 22nd June at 18:00, Digidem Lab’s office at Linnégatan 21, Gothenburg
We will share a link if you want to follow the talk online.


@petter Would you mind sending an invite to public list? Kontakt – :DFRI

We will stream the event here:, but don’t expect studio quality streaming :slight_smile:

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