Bicycle pump as open data? On OSM?

I recently stumbled upon this article on DN:

That led me to wonder what kind of open data there is about the location of bicycle pumps in various municipalities and if there have been initiatives to add them to various maps services.

It seems like a lot of them do and a website was created by someone,

I was also able to find quite a few of them on Google Maps with a simple search for “cykelpumpar” or “bicycle pump”. Unfortunately, I could only find a few on OpenStreetMap.

I wonder if that could be an interesting project for some of us who love to work with OSM, Wikidata. Gather (ideally semi-automatically) open data from all the municipalities with a page about their public pumps, import that data in OSM and build a very simple webpage displaying them on a map.

Today, a cyclist in need of a pump at the border between Solna and Stockholm would have to check both municipalities’ websites and check which pump is closest. Neither the app in DN’s article nor the website I found nor Google Maps seem to be able to provide a better service…


I haven’t had the chance to do a big list but it seems like at least some cities like Helsingborg publish a dataset with their pumps. Some others such as Stockholm say they publish it but their service seem to have been down in a while.

I’m thinking that the work that @salgo60 is doing on mapping outdoor gyms in Wikidata could be relevant here!

You have a community Senaste ämnena | Sveriges dataportal managed by DIGG maybe they have a plan… they have a more active member in Maria Dalhage who started to active work with DIGG this year see Maria_Dalhage | Sveriges dataportal so maybe she has a plan

I did a POC as I thought the work done with Open Data that I saw was slow and odd as they spent months doing specs with 20 fields and produced often no data so I did two datasets outdoor gym and Swedish bathing waters and spent 2 weeks doing the specs and add all data I found in #wikidata → its searchable and usable and CC-0 and in a knowledgegraph

Hopefully I am wrong but I guess you need more skilled people out in the organisations and also more focus being data driven like “API first

Would you be interested in working on it yourself @salgo60?

I don’t think that’s something that will ever be funded by the government, it’s more a project for OSM/Wiki volunteers.

Not right now… I spent 2 weeks with outdoor gyms and Swedish beaches and lesson learned its no action…

Right now I focus on Swedish parliamentary data in Wikidata and a specific “name form” that is needed for people doing ML with historical parliamentary data

Another interesting (but maybe less useful) project would be to add the characteristics of Swedish lighthouses on OpenStreetMap. Most of them seem to be listed but there is often no information about their light range, colour, period so many are are not displayed on visualisations such as this one.

Yes nice project GitHub - geodienst/lighthousemap: OpenStreetMap's Blinking Beacons

You have some good lighthouse information at different places

Tried also speak with the Nordic Museum to get a way to connected lighthouse related things they have see ⚓ T230121 Svenska fyrar Wikidata Property Proposal but they are not fast moving