Hugi's test thread

This is a thread where we do some tests!


I’m first! :slight_smile::grin::boom::stuck_out_tongue::pray:t3::confetti_ball::hugs:


Second! yeeeeeeeeeeee

And I’m second :slight_smile: :partying_face:

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…close @samuel :wink:

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Very interesting!

Nice function! A bit annoying that messages have to be longer than 20 characters!

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There is some budget for the course so we could pay around 4000 SEK rent for the space we would use for those 4 days together. Which is not a lot lot, but also not a small part of the total budget. This is a university course with 20 students, not a company after all.

This was great!

Really nice!

About 99% of “consumerist data consumption” is just waste, and a 1 GiB/month mobile data plan can be comfortable and sufficient even for the most data-hungry among us.

I have a background in materials and engineering. I haven’t done the trip but I spend time outdoors and walk some good distances with my little one, and often thought about the issue.

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