Civic Tech Lab: Community Tools 23 February 2021 9-12 am CET

Hi Pernilla, I was unfortunately also unable to attend the event but would love to see a summary, so feel free to ping me as well, if you don’t mind. Thank you!

Thanks everyone who were able to participate in the lab!!! And to those of you who missed it… we missed you too! We will soon publish a summary of the event on our blog, but for now, here are some links that was shared during the event by the speakers and in the chat.

I have tried to categorise the tools mentioned according to “The Trinity of Digital Comms Tools” from as mentioned above and presented during the lab.

Realtime chat

Here I have tried to list them in a rough order of most secure, privacy friendly and open, to least, but please research a bit about the security of messaging apps before you pick one…

For audio chats, these two were also mentioned, but not so sure about their security, except that you should be careful with Clubhouse… (You can read more about Clubhouse and integrity in Swedish here)

Asynchronous threads

Static documents

Francesca Pick’s presentation

Hugi Ásgeirsson’s presentation

Tools for password management

Tool for creating visuals

Tools for finding a meeting time

Digital teambuilding activities

There were a lot of good conversations in the chat. Even if the lab was about tools you guys also had suggestions on teambuilding excercises. Maybe this can be inspiration for a future lab? Here’s what you wrote:

Tools for collaborative whiteboards

Reflections on the Community Tools Lab


Thank you @pernillan! :pray:

I had to leave early - without your list I would have missed = :100::ok_hand:

While writing in another thread, I remembered two fun ways to mingle online. Let’s call them Digital Community-building Activities :slight_smile:


Thanks again everyone for a great start of 2021!

What more labs should we do this year? I’ve started a conversation here and would love your thoughts!

@myms right away commented about a potential collab surrounding security, and also thoughts on “slow dialogue regarding ideology” (love it!) Any of you also interested in those topics or others in the list? Elaborate, build upon ideas and comment here: What labs would you like to see 2021?

Hey everyone, here is a blog post summing up the presentations of the amazing speakers that shared their experience during the lab!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback or want to follow up on something!


Ping @Niclas & @angylp! Blog post is up!

Btw, we’re also considering creating a shorter version of the lab in Swedish in the evening so that more people can join. Do you think you have friends or colleagues that would like that? Please comment!

After great feedback and high demand for more we’ve boiled down this lab to a mini version! This time in the evening and in Swedish! April 13th on a Zoom near you.

Share with friends you think would like to attend and read more here: Civic Tech Lab: Community Tools MINI - 13e april kl 19.00 till 21.00