Anyone interested in a 2-day OGP meeting in Tallin?

Hi everyone!

Is there anyone who would like to represent the Swedish civil society in a meeting organised by the Open Government Partnership? It’s on the 9th/10th of May in Tallin and unfortunately, I only got the details today so the OGP would need your answer by tomorrow, latest this weekend.

The costs of travel and housing are covered by the OGP.


Day 1 - Monday, May 9

9.00-9.30 - Joint walk from Hotel to Government Office (Stenbock House)

9.30-10.15 - Welcomes and Icebreaker

10.15-10.45 - Agenda run-through and updates from the Support Unit

10.45-11.00 - BREAK

11.00-12.15 - Breakouts: 1. PoC Space: OGP co-creation process, AOB // 2. Civil Society Space: Co-creation, Meeting with Civil Society Co-chair

12.15-13.00 - LUNCH

13.00-14.30 - Climate session

14.30-14.45 - BREAK

14.45-16.00 - Political integrity

16.00-16.30 - Strategic Refresh intro

16:30-18:30 - break between Nordic+ and evening activities; suggest having dinner during this block; snacks/drinks to be served at reception

18.30-20.30 - RECEPTION: Vabamu Museum - 30 Years from the USSR to e-Estonia

  • Guided Tour of exhibition
  • FailureFest - an evening social where we can share and learn from our mistakes and failures over drinks and light snacks

Day 2 - Tuesday May 10

9.00-9.15 - Joint walk from Hotel to Government Office (Stenbock House)

9.15-12.00 - OGP Strategy Refresh Session - what should OGP focus on in the coming years? (break in-between)

12.00-13.00 - LUNCH and Tour of Stenbock House by Secretary of State Peterkop

15.30-17.30 RECEPTION and FAREWELL

Jag tror jag kan hitta en person från KES styrelse som vill/kan